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Beyblade 100

icons for the obsessed

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Like iconfiend100, this community is a 100 icon challenge about Beyblade - the anime, the manga, and the games.

To participate, you must:

1. Join the Community.
2. Claim a character/pairing/team. (http://www.livejournal.com/community/bey100/481.html for people who can't read hyperlinks)
3. After you've been given posting access, you may be able to start posting your icons in the alloted time period.
4. Make 100 icons of your subject, with the themes below and 50 Artist's Choice icons.
5. After you finish, comment with the link of all of your icons, and you will be given a nifty banner and a title as your prize. After you complete your claim, your subject will be opened once more. Completed claims list: http://www.livejournal.com/community/bey100/600.html

Bey100 Rules

When you are given posting access for you claim, you are free to spend as much time as you need to as to complete it. You will be given a full six months to complete your claim, which I think is more than enough time to complete 100 icons. After the six months have been completed and you have not completed your claim, your posts will be deleted, your posting access removed, and your subject free for anyone to claim it.

You may claim up to two characters/pairings/teams. At this time, you are not allowed to claim a threesome. You may, however, claim a yaoi, het, or yuri pairing as a claim.

When claiming a team, you must spread out the amount of icons for the team evenly. For example, if you were to claim Team G-Revolutions, you must make 20 icons for Takao, 20 icons for Kai, 20 icons for Rei, 20 icons for Max, and 20 icons for Daichi.

You cannot claim a subject that is already claimed, unless that person drops their claim or completes it.

You are allowed to use any kind of media for your icons - screencaps, official art, manga scans, etc., but you may not under any circumstance use any kind of fanart unless it is your own. If your own fanart IS being used for your icons, you must put a little remark every single post that states it is your own fanart.

If I have found out you stole the fanart and lied about it being yours, your claim will be automatically dropped, your posting access removed from the community, and I will notify LiveJournal.com with your failure to comply and abide by the rules of this community.

Put a spoiler warning if you need to, but that is currently not something that you need to add to every post.

All icons should be new. What's the point of digging out old icons and then posting them? None, that's what.

All icons have to be available to the public. You can post your own policy of how you want to be credited in your own post.

Any media that you take from another website must be credited with a link back to that website. No exceptions.

Posts should follow this format:

# of icons completed:
# of icons in post:

Please, and I mean please post the name of your subject and the number of icons completed every single post, so I can properly archive them.

Banner regulations (if you have some desire to make a banner): Each banner must be 400 x 300, MAXIMUM.

Each icon must meet LJ regulations of usage. 40 kb or less, 100 x 100 or less.

And don't forget, LJ-cut all posts with three or more icons!


For your claim, you must make 50 themed icons and 50 Artist's Choice icons. These themes can be interpreted in any way. You are allowed to post these themes in any order to your heart's desire, but don't repeat themes in your artist choice icons.

1. Let It Rip!
2. Together
3. Smile
4. Fade
5. Sadness
6. Battle
7. Pose
8. Triumph
9. Loss
10. Distant
11. A Secret
12. Food
13. Apart
14. Confusion
15. Friend
16. Emotion
17. Fighting Spirit
18. Off the Chain
19. Speed of Sound
20. Silence
21. Crazyness!
22. Honorable
23. Strong
24. Weak
25. Team
26. Alone
27. Dream
28. Comfort
29. Caring
30. Tears
31. Battle Cry
32. Helpless
33. Yearn
34. Crossed Paths
35. Darkness
36. The Light
37. Future
38. Past
39. Wind
40. Identified
41. Broken
42. Forever
43. If and When
44. Pain
45. Longing
46. Cheerful
47. Stars
48. Weather
49. Go Ahead
50. What's the Answer?